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Sigma’s state of the art monitoring centre is unique and meets a high standard of technical, operating and administrative competencies.   Incorporating back up systems, independent power supplies and backup communication network, our monitoring staff can respond, should an alarm be activated, putting in place your pre-requested action plan.

Our staffs are highly trained professionals skilled to respond to any situation received. Extensive ongoing training ensures that Sigma personnel are ready to respond to situations.

Benefits and Services

  • Notify callouts, fire, police, ambulance and security patrol response as per prerequisite plan
  • Personal safety response in hold ups, duress and medical emergencies
  • Alarm, Attendance and Access monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Plant and Equipment Monitoring
  • Technical Support

Having an alarm panel in your property that triggers a siren simply is not enough. A monitored   alarm system for your property provides greater protection of things precious to you - life and property. Whether you're at your premises or away, you can have confidence knowing that Sigma is prepared and dedicated to quick response when emergency police, fire, or medical assistance is needed.

Why a Monitored Alarm System is Better

Alarm monitoring maximizes the value of your home security system.
With accurate emergency information at their fingertips, our professional operators quickly determine your needs and send help. Once a situation is received, it takes just seconds for Sigma to notify appropriate police, fire, or medical emergency response teams of any breach in the security of your property and safety of your family / business.

Alarm monitoring helps eliminate expensive and wasteful false alarms.
Professional security monitoring significantly reduces false alarm dispatches by utilizing Sigma's comprehensive verification procedures.

An alarm monitoring service virtually pays for itself.
Insurance companies realize the exceptional value of a monitored home alarm system and will reward you for an investment in property security. Placing a monitored alarm system in your residence / business could mean up to an annual 20% discount on your property insurance.

How Monitoring Works


What Happens When Your Alarm System Sounds?

Burglary Signal.
When an alarm signal is received into our Monitoring Center, Sigma will:

  • Attempt to call the premises’ telephone number to make sure everything is all right. Upon verification of your pass code and assurance from you that help is not needed, Sigma will cancel the dispatch instructions.

  • If our Monitoring Center operator does not receive verbal assurance with a valid pass code, then emergency personnel will be dispatched for assistance.

Fire Signal.
When a signal is received into our Monitoring Center, Sigma will attempt to contact the premises to make sure everything is all right. If there is no answer, emergency personnel will be dispatched immediately.

Medical Emergencies.
A call is placed by our Monitoring Center to verify that a medical emergency is in progress. If we cannot contact the premises, an ambulance will be dispatched.
No pass code is required.

Silent Panic Signal.
Emergency personnel are dispatched immediately.
No contact is attempted

What You Should Do

  1. Don't Panic
  2. Follow your emergency action plan.
  3. Don't panic.
  4. Follow your emergency action plan.
  5. If the alarm activation was accidental, carefully disarm your system per your system instructions.
  6. After you've reset the system, DO NOT call Sigma. Wait for the Sigma Monitoring Center to call you to verify the alarm status. Be ready with your pass code.
  7. Don't leave your home or business until you've spoken with the Sigma Monitoring Center and assured us there is no emergency.

If your alarm goes off accidentally, DO NOT attempt to call Sigma. Our Monitoring Center will contact you. When we try to contact your premises, if there is no answer or the line is busy, emergency personnel will be dispatched. That is why it is so important to wait until we call you — give us your pass code and assurance that everything is all right, and no dispatch will be made.

False Alarm Protection

Did you know that 75% of all false alarms are caused by owner error1? False alarms result in a response from the police or fire department when there is no emergency and cause the following:

  • Take police or fire professionals away from legitimate emergencies.
  • Create a nuisance for you and your neighbours.

  • Make you reluctant to use your security system.

  • Cost you money through false-alarm fees.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the how-to operation of your system and its features.

  2. Read and retain the operator’s manual for your security system.

  3. Make sure everyone who has a key to your home knows how to operate the security system.

  4. Rehearse alarm cancellation procedures with everyone who might use your system.

  5. If your system does not seem to be working properly, call Sigma immediately.

  6. Call Sigma if you change your phone number or plan to move.

  7. Test your alarm system regularly.

Testing Your Alarm System

Regular testing of your security system can help ensure its proper operation at the time of an emergency and help prevent false alarms. Sigma recommends that customers test their systems at least once per month.

To test your security system, call Sigma at 675 0450. A Customer Service representative will give you instructions on how to test your system.

To avoid a false alarm, notify Sigma when you will be testing your system to prevent the Monitoring Center from dispatching authorities to respond to the alarm signal.

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